As was said before, there are some changes coming to The Liaison Collaborative!

The one change is I was added as the Press Team Manager. I will be overseeing the bloggers, and the coverage they do for all the amazing designers we have for each round!

The other change that has come is a whole new team of bloggers. We had opened up applications on February 10th, and we have added those that we have felt would be a great addition to our team!

We are still working on all the changes on the blog. With that being said, the pages have not been updated, but should be done by March 1st!

Below is who we have accepted as our new Press Team Members!

Katya Valeska
Harvest Dezno
Kirsty Oherlihy
Autumn Amaranth
Sam Laszlo
Sixx Yangtz
Parker Droverson
Alex1985 Diabolito
Willow Zander
Strawberry Singh
Harlow Heslop
Kaelyn Alecto
Moos Hultcrantz
Annan Adored
Bouncer Criss
Sylvia Olivier
Asia Romano
Primrose Snowfield
Brandi Monroe
Lauren Minuet
Maci Restless
Evion Ember
MokaTana Boa
Foxx Pawpad
Cami Mahovlich
Keely Mistwood
Amytheyst Beebe
Aiubrey Snoodle
Alicia Chenaux
Noir Gothly
Carthalis Rossini
Nati Williams
Rainey Manx