1024x1024 TLC Logo SquareWe’d like to proudly present our new home! The Liaison Collaborative is finally kicking it up a little to start things off a little differently than before.

What has changed: A new site, new logos, and a little bit of a change in the way we do the events.

  • The Garden is now a monthly event! Starting on the 15th of every month we will be bringing you new and exciting home and decor for all your needs!
  • The Boutique is now a quarterly event in which we will be bringing together a small intimate group of designers who will be bringing you top of the line collections!
  • The Poser Pavilion will be monthly and move right along side The Garden starting on the 15th. We’ve got amazing posers for you!

Make sure to join us on Plurk, Facebook, and our In-World Group to stay up to date!