We are an innovative, intimate events company based entirely within Second Life

What We Do

On the 15th of each month, we bring together the best creators from across the grid for an exclusive gathering of themed items. We curate a diverse collection of products that include Clothing, Accessories, Skins, Hair, Home and Garden, and Poses and Animations.

Our Recent Events

Bon Voyage will be opening March 15th!

Hello there! Another round of TLC opens up on March 15th with the theme of Bon Voyage! Set sails or even spend your days in Europe with these items coming your way. Check out this month’s line up! Doors open at 12AM SLT on February 15th and don’t close again... read more

Leather and Lace will be opening February 15th!

Another round is coming up and get yourself excited because this one is going to be full of things you’d want to show up to your other halves wearing, flaunting, or using. All I can say about this is pureee sexy! Check out our creators below. Doors open at 12AM... read more

Classic Romance will be opening January 15th!

Hey pretties! Another round of The Boutique, The Garden, and Poser Pavilion will be opening their doors on January 15th at midnight for a theme of Classic Romance! Check out the stores below! ♥ Doors open at 12AM SLT on January 15th and don’t close again until 11:59PM... read more

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